Work Smarter, Faster and more Efficiently

Resolve is the only enterprise-wide, unified process orchestration and automation platform.

  • Reduce escalations to expensive experts and avoid alert fatigue
  • Enable subject matter experts the ability to automate without heavy coding experience
  • Standardize your incident response process and enable your teams to shift-left

A Complete Incident Response Platform

Automated diagnostics
Incident Response Dashboard
Address and Remediate
Security IT Network Service Desk Incident Response
Security Incident Response Platform

The Hero of Incident Response and Resolution

The Resolve Platform works at the center of the incident response and resolution ecosystem.

  • Resolve accelerates incident response and resolution by providing your agents with customizable human-guided automations and real-time incident collaboration
  • Tailor fits to both partially and fully automate your enterprise’s processes with pre-built content and runbook automation

Respond, Isolate, and Drive Resolution to Security Attacks

The Resolve Platform provides an agile response to security attacks by identifying real and actionable alarms or threats, isolating compromised systems and navigating resolution with automation and process guidance. Security experts have access to:

  • A Unified process orchestration, knowledge management and automation platform for faster response of all incident types
  • Out-of-the-box and ready-to-use incident response playbooks (based on NIST SP 800-61 rev2 methodology)
  • Customizable human-guided and/or closed-loop automations to enfold automation into manual processes
  • No-code and drag-and-drop automation devtools for nimble response capability
  • Capture security subject matter expert knowledge as automations & guided procedures, to equip frontline agents
  • Advantageous enterprise and service provides environments—proven to scale for complexity
Security Incident Response Platform

Minimize IT Operations Escalations

Set your IT Operations team up for success with prescriptive instructions and human-guided automations. Minimize incident escalations by proactively verifying and remediating events, thus benefiting from:

  • Machine-assisted front-line agents alleviating escalations with contextual process guidance. Enable subject matter experts the ability to automate without heavy coding experience
  • Reduced development cost and effort with “no-code” functionality
  • Hassle-free integration with existing applications—avoiding expensive rip and replace
  • A pre-built library of process templates, connectors and automations
  • Advantageous enterprise and service provider environments—proven in complexity and scale—even to millions of events daily
  • Empowered agents drawing from a cache of subject matter expert knowledge via automations & guided procedures
IT Automation and Resolution

Accelerate NOC Incident Response

Resolve more incidents and minimize escalations with an enterprise-wide automation and incident response platform.

  • Rapidly validate and diagnose alarms from your event management system to focus NOC agents on real events
  • Use a central dashboard with a fully integrated automation, process guidance, and knowledge system
  • Deliver automated troubleshooting into simple and complex incidents through the use of human-guided automation
Network Automation and Orchestration

Maximize Service Desk Resources

Enable frontline or level 1 agents to make faster decisions. Prescriptive instructions and human-guided automations don’t replace human capital, rather:

  • Human-guided automation helps agents to shift-left and be as successful as the subject matter experts
  • Prescriptive instructions facilitate seamless and repetitive ticketing—replete with critical information and resources
  • Optimize with guided incident resolution via step-by-step instructions, decision trees, and automation
  • Easily integrate with existing applications without needing extensive rip and replace
Service Desk Automation

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.


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