Complex Incidents, Increased Threats

Communication service providers understand the complexity of the environment they support to deliver services to businesses and consumers. With lean and efficient operations teams in place, traditional closed-looped automation solutions limit the number of automatable incidents across the organization.

Push Button Resolution

Push Button Resolution

Put the power of automation in the hands of your Security and IT agents. Guide your agents through a repeatable process with embedded automations built and approved by your subject matter experts.

  • Enable subject matter experts the ability to automate without heavy coding experience using Resolve’s Automation Builder Tools
  • Reduce escalations and standardize the incident response process with machine assisted decision trees
  • Maximize your existing investments in Network IT, and Security with an enterprise-wide orchestration platform without the need to rip n’ replace

Proactive Incident Response

  • Enable NIST based Incident Response Playbooks to rapidly respond to on-going threats and issues
  • Continually improve on mean time to identify, respond, and resolve through an array of integrations and automated support
  • Reduce alert fatigue with tunable automations that proactively validate alarms and provide a place to start IT and security agents.
Security Incident Response Platform

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.

Our Customers

Real-Life Scenarios

  • Proactively take action against alerts from your SIEM
  • Isolate and eradicate threats to prevent service affecting outages
  • Orchestrate the response and resolution process using Resolve’s Automation templates to call on network security, threat intelligence, endpoint protection systems and more…
  • Automatically validate and diagnose alarms so that no event goes untouched and turns into a major incident
  • Intelligently suppress maintenance alarms so agents focus time on real events
  • Automate the pre and post check of change management tasks
  • Automate the testing of T1, DS0, DSL, Video, Voice, IPTV Services delivered to customers
  • Integrate Resolve with ticketing, network testing applications, OSS/BSS, etc…
  • Leverage automated tests to run proactive health checks to quickly determine status of your systems and services
  • Allow customers to self-diagnose and resolve issues leveraging the same automation build for your NOC and SOC teams
  • Connect your interactive voice response system, allow Resolve to communicate outages, unpaid bills, or other customer impacting incidents

Integrated Ecosystem

For more integrations and use cases, take a look at Resolve Automation Templates

Resolve Automation Templates