T-Mobile’s Objectives with Resolve

T-Mobile utilized Resolve to automate routine check-ups on all their radio towers to ensure that any problems would be identified and dealt with immediately. Customers frequently claimed they were not receiving service, although all nodes look healthy. The company needed a way to validate the problem and perform diagnostics to determine problem areas. Outages in cell towers were a major impact to customers. Thousands of cell towers required complex testing procedures to be run manually/consistently to ensure mobile connectivity.


Resolve established a system that polls the entire radio network every hour and compares outages it finds to detect tickets and events. It then opens tickets and generates events to the NOC. It also sends “complete coverage report/outages” by market to each of the market owners giving unprecedented visibility into real-time and accurate health of the network.

Business Value

Significant improvement in outage detection and visibility into large network. Enabled existing resources to proactively repair and automatically remediate issues reducing unnecessary truck rolls to cell sites. This has helped the company to save close to 40K hours annually on resources. Now agents can identify problems before customers report them and resolve them quickly. T-Mobile realized 1100 port activations in six months and executes 4500 runbooks/month.

“We are able to go out to 57,000 cell towers every 15 minutes and bring back status updates to our entire team reducing unnecessary truck rolls and giving the care team exact information on the status of a customers’ cell service.”

— Ray Nettleship, T-Mobile, Director, Operations Support and Network Management Systems

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