U.S. Cellular implemented Resolve to provide automation in order to standardize their procedures and shift the response from reactive to proactive.

U.S. Cellular’s Objectives with Resolve

Dealing with over 10,000 tickets a month, U.S. Cellular needed to find a solution to streamline and simplify their processes. Technicians had to manually and physically search various technologies and equipment on site to validate alarms, and then re-check to ensure alert condition of the equipment. Cell site alarm validation and cell site device alarm reset were challenges.


Our team created a single field search page so technicians can enter site ID and retrieve inventory of all equipment and all possible technologies, real time. Resolve provides a single click function from the site inventory page to check all equipment for any alarm condition. Resolve collects the data on a link-down alarm and enhances the ticket for dispatch to the appropriate group..

Business Value

Detailed information is easily accessible by L1 agents arming them with knowledge around any problems and empowering them to resolve incidents without escalating to L3 agents. The overall footprint of incidents handled by L3 agents has been reduced increasing customer experience and employee productivity.

“We settled on Resolve Systems because of its combination of zero touch automation capability and its operator assisted automation capabilities and wiki based knowledge management”

— Sean Noonan, U.S. Cellular, Manager, Engineering Automation

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