Virgin Media’s Objectives with Resolve

Virgin Media implemented Resolve to increase its help desk operator productivity and make sure customers were notified timely of an outage.

Automate the status of pending tickets to ensure operators are focusing on open tickets and that tickets for actual incidents are created as fast as possible. Communicate with customers timely that there’s been an outage event and that Virgin Media working on it.


Schedule run-book executions to periodically check servers reducing manual steps, prevent duplicate tickets by dropping cleared tickets to focus on new ones and increase call deflection with the customer contact center by ensuring tickets are raised as quickly as possible so that SLA’s are not breached.

  • Accelerated Incident Response and Resolution
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Reduced Operational Expense
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • End-to-End Automations
  • Analytics and Process Improvement
  • Resolve Powertools
  • Resolve Automation Builder

“For the initial implementation of a single runbook, Resolve helped us to get a 21% reduction in customer calls related to HFC issues, a 46% reduction in ICOMS faults, and a reduction of 6.5k calls no longer escalated to the help centre.”

— Virgin Media

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