Resolve boosted Zayo’s Network Control Center technicians by highlighting only intelligent and relevant alarms and providing a consolidated view of customer information from multiple systems. Resolve also automated customer communications and enabled customer self-service.

Zayo’s Objectives with Resolve

Zayo wanted to improve the Network Control Center performance and customer experience by reducing the volume and duration of customer-impacting incidents while supporting network growth with fixed headcount.

  • Enrich alarms with customer name, circuit ID, site location and suppress ‘noise’
  • Automatically ticket network events and direct to appropriate fix agents
  • Consolidate customer and circuit information into single view for NCC
  • All relevant information available “at a glance” with real-time port and circuit status
  • Proactively notify customers of service affecting events
  • Provide real-time alarm view, troubleshooting wizards, testing, and self-service via customer portal
  • Fully automate repeatable tasks
  • Direct troubleshooting with interactive automation

“With Resolve, we’re now able to greatly reduce technician time per ticket, reduce customer call times, and lower MTTI & MTTR.”

— Greg Hadlock, SVP Network Control Center, Zayo

Additional Uses of Resolve

Alarm Enrichment

  • Network Element TID to site address correlation
  • Network Element AID to customer service ID correlation
  • Network alarm routes to NCC filter based on network element owner

Network zTicket

  • Alarm severity & enrichment criteria used to auto generate a ticket
  • Alarm information pasted in ticket and routed to Infrastructure & IP NCC

Customer zNotify

  • Alarms enriched with customer CID, severity of major/critical, and are flagged for notification
  • Subscribed customers receive an email service outage notification

Maintenance Alarm Suppression

  • Network alarm filter created based on customer CID impacted and maintenance duration
  • Alarms route to a maintenance filter and don’t trigger auto notifications and tickets

IP Network Triage

  • NCC technicians can run triage commands for Juniper & Cisco IP network elements
  • Triage commands can be run from fault management system and Resolve UI

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