Technology-fueled Transformation

Financial services organizations are challenged maintaining legacy environments, while also innovating and supporting new technologies. With increased cybersecurity threats and a continually evolving IT landscape, traditional closed-looped automation solutions limit the number of automatable incidents across the organization.

“Many traditional cost-cutting techniques—centralizing, offshoring, outsourcing—are largely done. Now, we’re seeing tactical uses of technology, like automation, to drive cost savings”

– Kelley Mavros, Partner & Strategy, part of the PwC network

Push Button Resolution

Push Button Resolution

Put the power of automation in the hands of your Security and IT agents. Guide your agents through a repeatable process with embeded automations built and approved by your subject matter experts.

  • Enable SMEs with the ability to automate without heavy coding experience using: IR Playbooks, Resolve Automation Builder, Resolve Workflow Designer and Integrations & Automation Library
  • Reduce escalations and standardize the incident response process with machine-assisted decision trees
  • Maximize your existing investments in IT and Security with an enterprise-wide orchestration platform; without the need to replace existing applications and infrastructure

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.

Customer Overview


One Global 100 Financial Services Institution hit an automation roadblock and could only automate 15% of their processes globally across IT, Security and Service Desk teams.

A reduction in the IT workforce needed to be maintained at 5% year-over-year, and incidents from the SOC and NOC were escalated too frequently.


  • 38% improvement in mean time to resolution (MTTR) for Level 1 team
  • Reduction of 170,000 incidents per year through: automated health checks, reduction of false positives and automated security incident response
  • Deployment of discrete automations across global enterprise support teams including: Network Services, Data Center, Credit Card Service, Mobile Banking, Security Operations and Technical Operation
  • Automated diagnosis and repair of incidents affecting retail branches, ATMs, and major application services for financial transactions

Branch Connectivity Loss Restart

Integrated Ecosystem

Other Scenarios

  • Automates the testing of major applications supporting mobile banking and mortgage platforms
  • Integrates with ticketing, monitoring and underlying systems
  • Leverages automated tests to run proactive health checks and quickly determine status of your systems and services
  • Proactively detect and take action against malware alerts from your SIEM
  • Orchestrate the containment and response process by leveraging Resolve playbooks to identify and block an affected IP address, disable affected users, quarantine affected devices
  • Conduct post-incident activity for review and continued process improvement

For more integrations and use cases, take a look at Resolve Automation Templates

Resolve Automation Templates