What differentiates Resolve from other IT and Network automation vendors?

There are many reasons to pick Resolve over other Network automation vendors.

Only Resolve provides a unified platform comprising automation, process orchestration and knowledge management, providing an optimal strategy for addressing all incident types. Other vendors provide automation only and are viable only for simple incident types (est. 20%) that lend well to end to end automations.

Resolve supports multiple automation strategies: end to end automations and human-guided automations. With Resolve, the power of automation can be leveraged even in manual agent led investigative and resolution processes, cutting resolution time and reducing scope for errors.

Resolve provides next-gen automation development tools including ‘no-code’ automation that empowers operations staff to build new automations without escalating to specialized development teams. This is essential to rapidly build new automations and cope with growing number of systems and incident types. Resolve also provides the most intuitive and easy to use tools to build guided procedures, decision trees and embed automations within manual procedures.

Resolve provides a rich library of connectors, out of the box automated actions and process templates to rapidly reduce the time to value of automation initiatives. Also, customers can take a practical and phased approach to rolling out automations. Initial stages can have a mix of manual procedures and most critical automations only. With usage and realizing business value, more automations can be appropriately added.

Resolve has been extensively deployed in the largest Enterprise and Service Provider environments scaling to millions of daily events. The architecture is modular and scalable to grow capacity on demand.

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