Minimize Incident Escalations and Accelerate Incident Resolution

Accelerate incident response and resolution by providing agents with human-guided automations, real-time incident collaboration and the ability to both partially and fully automate processes. Resolve incident response platform is ideal for IT Operations, Network Operations, Service Desk and Security Operations centers with a large scale of incidents and a strong business need for accelerated and cost effective resolution of these incidents.

Incident Response Platform

Interactive Process Guidance

Guide incident resolution with step-by-step instructions through dynamic decision trees that direct Level 1 agents to resolution procedures prescribed by the subject matter experts themselves. The investment returns include:

  • Minimized incident escalations thanks to succinct troubleshooting automations embedded as a part of guidance procedures
  • Automatic capture of all actions and decisions to enable in-process collaboration and full auditing

Incident Resolution Dashboard

Equip agents with an intuitive interface summarizing the results of automated validation and automated diagnostic tests for each incident through the incident response platform. A single dashboard helps:

  • Boost efficiency and leave no stone unturned with simultaneous multi-system tests and across devices; allowing agents to quickly isolate problem areas and respond
  • Simplify directives with red and green indicators directing agents to appropriate areas for further diagnosis (with prescriptive instructions and interactive process guidance)

Accelerate Security Incident Response with Intelligent Incident Response and Orchestration

Customize and implement best-in-class processes with ease, using our line of incident response power tools, including:

  • An investigation interface that logs incidents, cases, status, and artifacts; resulting in one security incident response dashboard
  • Intelligent orchestration of security response processes with step-by-step instructions, dynamic decision trees and embedded automations
  • Pre-built, fully customizable standards-based security incident response playbooks (based on NIST SP 800-61 rev2 methodology) with step-by-step instructions, machine-assisted decision support and interactive automations to create a complete investigation and remediation process
  • Learn how to accelerate security incident response with automation and orchestration. Watch Video >
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Human-Guided Automation

Empower agents to diagnose and defuse incidents with incremental and embedded automations as part of an interactive resolution guidance process within the incident response platform. Customizable automation allows for:

  • Operators led through step-by-step instructions and decision trees to automate the execution of actions without necessitating direct access to systems
  • Reduced escalations and dramatically lowered MTTR
Incident Response Platform

End-to-End Automation

Automate validation, diagnostics, and resolution of events to minimize incident volume with an easy-to-use automation builder through the incident response platform:

  • Common events are automatically resolved without belaboring the operator – providing time and costs savings
  • Reduce noise enables operators to focus on more complex incidents utilizing process guidance and human-guided automations

Analytics & Process Improvement

Outfit teams to measure the impact and effectiveness of current automations and processes through The Resolve Incident Response Platform’s analytics engine. The dashboard readily helps you:

  • Proactively identify new automation opportunities by analyzing trends in operator activity and evaluating changes to your environment
  • Benefit from social collaboration to rate content, improve knowledge and update processes
Incident Response Ecosystem Integrations

Incident Ecosystem Connectivity

Connect to related systems, devices, and applications across your environment to accelerate incident response and resolution. Resolve becomes your flagship to:

  • Tie the necessary information and data together into a centralized user interface
  • Efficiently lead your operations team through incident resolution with a fully integrated system of automation, process guidance and knowledge management

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