Consolidated Event Tracking

Single pane for all infrastructure events

Event Validation Automation

Automated validation of events and check for existing tickets to focus resources on real incidents

Event Correlation

Correlation, suppression, and deduplication

Interactive Diagnostics Dashboard

Consolidate presentation of complex diagnostic results to help agents streamline process

Event Database Enrichment

Simple scripts gather additional contextual data

Accelerated Incident Resolution

Interactive process guidance and automations create a new model for effective event handling

Optimize the Value of IBM Tivoli Netcool with an Incident Resolution Platform

Focus Resources on Real Incidents

Keep agents focused and productive by eliminating false and transient alarms through intelligent validation automation.

Automate Diagnostics within a Simplified View

Empower agents with an incident resolution dashboard to quickly and easily view results of automated validation and diagnostic tests. The single pane of glass reduces swivel-chairing and greatly increased productivity.

Reduce Incident Escalations

Provide agents with easy-to-follow troubleshooting actions through decision trees and interactive process guidance. Human-guided automations can resolve incidents without providing direct access to critical systems.

Embed Resolve Systems within Netcool

  • Access Resolve directly inside the Netcool application
  • Launch interactive process guidance with a single click form a Netcool event
  • All the contextual information regarding the Event is passed on to Resolve for executing the resolution process

Access Incident Resolution Dashboard

  • Automated validation and diagnostics upfront in the resolution process
  • Guided incident resolution with step-by-step instruction, decision trees and automations
  • Integrated resolution platform removes need to access disparate applications
  • Bi-directional connectivity between Resolve and Netcool

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.