ServiceNow Integration

End-to-End Incident Tracking

Extended visibility with informed decisions

Accelerated Incident Resolution

Eliminate manual and redundant steps in the resolution process and empower level 1 agents

Standardized Service Processes

Increasing the speed of request fulfillment

Incident Process Guidance

Decision trees guide automations, diagnostics, and agent procedures to maximize effectiveness.

Single System of Record

Consolidating redundant, legacy IT service tools

Resolution Automation

Human-guided automations ca be enacted mid-process or executed for closed-loop scenarios

ServiceNow Integration with Resolve Systems

Optimize the Value of ServiceNow with an Incident Resolution Platform

Automatically fix problems before they affect customers and improve the time it takes to resolve incidents by leveraging full end-to-end and human guided automations which can be embedded as part of the interactive resolution process.

With automated validation and diagnostic tests, interactive process guidance and human-guided automations, agents have all the key information and prescriptive instructions they need to resolve incidents in minutes not hours.

Empower agents with the tools they need to resolve incidents without escalation. Incident resolution dashboards provide automated test results with easy-to-follow troubleshooting actions and decision trees to resolve incidents without directly accessing critical systems.

Embed Resolve Systems within ServiceNow

  • Access Resolve directly inside the ServiceNow application
  • Launch interactive process guidance with a single click form a ServiceNow Ticket
  • All the contextual information regarding the incident is passed on to Resolve for executing the resolution process
  • Review details of the certified integration in the ServiceNow Marketplace
Resolve at the Service Now Store

Access Incident Resolution Dashboard

  • Guided incident resolution with step-by-step instruction, decision trees and automations
  • Integrated resolution platform removes need to access disparate applications
  • Bi-directional connectivity between Resolve and ServiceNow

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.