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A Complete Security Incident Response Platform

Resolve takes action on your security events by delivering an organized and automated approach to incident response that:

  • Empowers security experts with a unified incident response experience; a single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, processes, automation and notes
  • Grants access to standards-based playbooks, process guidance, human-guided and closed-loop automation
  • Ensures all incident-related activities are captured in a complete investigation record with investigation management and reporting

Security Incident Response

Security Incident Response
IT Operations Incident Response

Minimize IT Operation Escalations

Minimize escalation and accelerate incident response with an enterprise-wide automation and incident response platform for IT Operations.

  • Quickly identify, address and remediate incidents related to IT infrastructure and application
  • Readily access a central dashboard, which provides fully integrated automation, process guidance and knowledge system
  • Conveniently leverage tools unique only to Resolve such as human-guided automations, real-time incident collaboration and the ability to partially and fully automate processes

IT Incident Response

Accelerate NOC Incident Response

Resolve more incidents and minimize escalations with an enterprise-wide automation and incident response platform.

  • Rapidly validate and diagnose alarms from your event management system to focus NOC agents on real events
  • Use a central dashboard with a fully integrated automation, process guidance, and knowledge system
  • Deliver automated troubleshooting into simple and complex incidents through the use of human-guided automation

Network Incident Response

NOC Incident Response
Service Desk Incident Response

Maximize Service Desk Resources

Enable frontline or level 1 agents to make faster decisions. Maximize Service Desk resources by:

  • Enabling agents to make decisions faster with an enterprise-wide automation and incident response platform for your Service Desk
  • Empowering frontline Service Desk agents to diagnose and resolve incidents without the need for escalation to expensive subject matter experts and engineers
  • Helping agents be as successful as the subject matter expert with knowledge-based wikis, prescriptive instructions and human-guided automations

Service Desk Incident Response

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.