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With over 200,000 employees, this customer identified increased automation as a strategic initiative across several other IT functions.

Since automation technology often becomes silo’d within a single organizational group, they needed to select a technology that’s capable of supporting further automation projects in the coming years to maximize the use and re-use of existing technology investments across several departments.

The solution they were looking for needed to diminish the multiplicative efforts across related but separate process areas, such as the process to provision a VM for a VMWare versus a Microsoft environment.

The global financial service firm required a self-service solution for their global service desk organization to accelerate incident resolution from request submission to self-remediation.

In addition, they needed to address critical gaps in Knowledge Management tools among existing ITSM tools to support this solution

Resolve Systems Solution
Resolve Systems automated incident resolution software delivered a synchronous automation triggered by incidents and end-user interaction. This provided a guided workflow and decision automation capabilities to maintain an intuitive, robust means to maintain knowledge and keep information fresh and actionable.

The Infrastructure Operations Center applied RESOLVE to 20 of the most frequently occurring alerts resulting in faster responsiveness and lower cost responding to events, such as when a piece of network equipment cold starts. The pilot program of RESOLVE saved over $1M annually.

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