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Three UK’s exponential growth in recent years placed new demands on customer care. With millions of phone calls coming into the contact center each month, the company needed to adapt to changing customer care requirements.

Three UK Objective
Three UK needed to reduce diagnostic times and escalations for more efficient customer calls within a scalable platform. The company also needed agents to input and track data from one location instead of fumbling through a complex set of systems.

Resolve Systems Solution
The Resolve platform has enabled Three UK to reduce call times and diagnostic times from 20 minutes to two minutes. Resolve also automated 500 potential diagnostic outcomes into a single pane incident resolution dashboard.

About Three UK
Three is a communications company that strives to make mobile better for UK consumers. Three carries 45% of the UK’s mobile data and its 3G network covers 98% of the UK population. Three was the first UK network to introduce all you can eat data and offer 4G at no extra cost. Three employs over 4,400 people across its offices in Maidenhead, Glasgow and Reading and in its 347 retail stores.

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