Security Orchestration Use Cases

Take action on your threats with security orchestration and automation. Automate the triage, containment, and remediation with standards-based playbooks to accelerate security incident response, minimizing and reducing risk.

Security Orchestration Security Incident Triage

Security Incident Triage

An expanding universe of security controls each generating alerts coupled with a shortage of qualified and experienced security analysts is contributing to information overload and analyst fatigue. Security teams are only able to investigate a small percentage of security alerts and events, increasing the likelihood of missing the incidents that truly matter. Investigation processes are even more challenging as the alerts commonly lack the necessary context of surrounding events and business criticality, requiring time consuming research and cross functional collaboration. With Resolve, SOC teams can triage, contain, and remediate a greater volume of security incidents, reducing the likelihood of missed events without additional investment in resources. Analysts can triage all alarms and potential threats—not just the highest rated or most critical.

Security Orchestration Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails

With millions of phishing emails sent daily, it should be no surprise there are new and increasingly damaging attacks making headlines on a regular basis. Security Operations teams continue to struggle with the sheer volume of alerts, manual investigation processes, collaboration with cross functional team members for containment, and tracking the incident through remediation. With Resolve, SOC teams can triage, contain, and remediate the high volume of phishing attacks with minimal manual effort. Automation of repetitive tasks improves MTTR, greatly while minimizing human error.

Security Orchestration Insider Threats

Insider Threats

Insider threats, including both negligent and malicious acts, are a major contributor to successful security breaches and continue to make the headlines. To reduce the likelihood of a breach due to an insider, Security teams must quickly identify potential threats. Events typically emulate normal user behavior necessary to complete business objectives; Security teams must piece together actions over multiple systems and longer timespans to complete the puzzle. With Resolve, Security teams can quickly triage, contain, and remediate insider threats before major damage. Resolve integrates disparate security systems and provides visibility through a single pane of glass. Automation can respond to insider threats at machine speeds, quickly removing the user from the network and minimizing data exfiltration.

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