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Enterprise-wide Incident Response and Automation Platform for IT Operations

  • Quickly identify, address and remediate incidents related to IT infrastructure and application
  • Readily access a central dashboard, which provides fully integrated automation, process guidance and knowledge system
  • Conveniently leverage tools unique only to Resolve, human-guided automations, real-time incident collaboration and the ability to partially and fully automate processes

IT Operations Automation and Resolution

Automate Diagnostics
Incident Response Dashboard
Address and Remediate
Security IT Network Service Desk Incident Response
IT Incident Response Platform

Unleash the Power of the Resolve Incident Resolution Dashboard

The Resolve platform is the center of the incident response and resolution ecosystem, which provides agents access to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing event management systems
  • A single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, processes, automations and notes
  • Color-coded diagnostics that lead front-line agents — with limited training — through the guided resolution process
  • Launching “safe” automations to run diagnostics on a variety of systems
  • As-needed permissions to key systems typically tightly controlled that only senior engineers and administrators have access

Cut the Alarm Clutter

Help your IT teams focus on the the alarms that really matter and manage the daily barrage of alarms and erroneous subsequent tasks:

  • Many alarms are simply not valid, duplicates or ephemeral in nature
  • Time spent on these invalid alarms distract administrators from responding to real threats and incidents and lower overall response times
  • Resolve sorts through the noise and automatically validates alarms to ensure only the valid alarms are acted upon
IT Incident Response Human Guided Automation

Accelerate Workflow with Human-Guided Automations

Automations are customizable to each enterprise’s needs. Partial and full automation empowers Level 1 agents by:

  • Ushering Level 1 agents to the right resolution procedure by steering them through a Q&A navigation structure to accelerate executing automations and resolution
  • Leveraging interactive process guidance optimizing a combination of both human-guided and end-to end automation capabilities
  • Embedded automations in the manual resolution procedures
  • Time-saving automated diagnostic information gathering, automated ticket updating or automated notification correspondence capabilities — launched from within the manual process
  • Allowing agents to individualize execution of other steps through prescriptive guidance provided by Resolve Tailoring the ratio of automation and manual procedures via pragmatic considerations
IT Incident Response Integration

Integrate with Existing Applications and Systems

Resolve integrates seamlessly with existing IT applications and systems, without the need for expensive rip and replace:

  • Through bi-directional connectivity, Resolve can be invoked from third-party applications to execute resolution procedures and automations
  • By reducing the need for administrators to swivel chair across applications with a Resolve integrated user interface
  • As the orchestrator of other systems and applications such as: Ticketing, Event Management, SIEM, CRM systems, Business Intelligence and more
  • Via execute commands, gather information and take remedial action on the various IT systems. Connect to a variety of operating environments (physical and virtual), storage systems, network elements, monitoring and system management tools and so on
  • Resolve also integrates with Business Intelligence applications which allows stakeholders to have integrated reporting and analytics on the health of the IT infrastructure. With Resolve’s integration, stakeholders can get a comprehensive view into how incidents are getting generated and resolved
  • Create custom integrations and connectors through Resolve’s Software Development Kit (SDK)
IT Incident Response Human Guided Automation

Keeping IT Simple with Resolve Automation, Decision Trees and Knowledge Creation

New systems only lead to new incident types. Resolve makes it easy to respond and create new automations, connectors, process guidance and procedures:

  • Build new automations and decision trees quickly with an easy to use “no code” automation builder
  • Eliminate escalation with Resolve’s Automation Builder; empower operations staff and SME’s to build new automations without needing to escalate to development teams
  • Build response procedures as knowledge through a simple wiki editor
  • Keep Operations focused on responding to new and emerging incident types

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.


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