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6 mins vs. 4 secs

Resolve more incidents and speed up incident resolution time with an enterprise-wide automation and network incident response platform

  • Rapidly validate and diagnose alarms from your event management system to focus NOC agents on real events
  • Use a central dashboard with a fully integrated automation, process guidance, and knowledge system
  • Deliver automated troubleshooting into simple and complex incidents through the use of human-guided automation

Network Operations and Service Orchestration

Automate Diagnostics
Incident Response Dashboard
Address and Remediate

Unleash the Power of the Resolve Incident Resolution Dashboard

The Resolve incident response platform is the center of the incident response and resolution ecosystem, which provides agents access to:

  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing event management and ticketing systems
  • A single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, automated results, and guided resolution procedures for rapid resolution
  • Automated analysis of diagnostic actions that lead Level 1 agents — with limited training — through the guided resolution process
  • Control the automated actions engineers take with Resolve’s role-based access control that allow resolution steps to be performed only when approved by process owners

Reduce Event Noise

Help your NOC team focus on the alarms that really matter and reduce alert fatigue.

  • The NOC deals with thousands of alarms on a daily basis. Many of them end up being false positives or duplicates
  • Time spent on these invalid alarms distract administrators from responding to real incidents and lower overall response time
  • Resolve automatically validates alarms to make sure teams are focused on actionable alarms

Accelerate Resolution with Human-Guided Automation

Not all incidents can be treated the same way. Simple ones are easily automated but complex issues are more difficult to fully automate. Enable NOC teams with human-guided automations to partially automate processes.

  • Allow Subject Matter Experts to empower Level 1 agents to handle more complex resolution processes reduce commonly escalated incidents
  • Embed automations within manual operating procedures and guide Level 1 agents to the correct resolution processes
  • When escalations are necessary, Subject Matter Experts are able to pick up where L1s left off, eliminating double work, by leveraging the actions Resolve has completed on the incident

Integrate with Existing Applications and Systems

Resolve integrates seamlessly with existing NOC applications and systems without the need for expensive rip and replace.

  • Reduce the need for administrators to “swivel chair” across applications with Resolve’s Unified Orchestration Platform
  • Integrate with Ticketing, Event Management, CMDB, Network Topology, Change Management, Business Intelligence systems and more
  • Create custom integrations and connectors through Resolve’s Software Development Kit (SDK)

Codeless Automation, Decision Trees, and Prescriptive Knowledge

Resolve makes it easy to respond and create new automations, connectors, process guidance, and procedures:

  • Quickly build new automations and decision trees with an easy to use “no code” automation builder
  • Eliminate escalations with Resolve’s Automation Builder; empower operations staff and SMEs to build new automations without needing to escalate to development teams
  • Build response procedures as knowledge through a simple wiki editor
  • Keep Operations focused on responding to new and emerging incident types

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.


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