Take action on your security events and cyber incidents by delivering an organized and automated approach to security incident response

  • Empower security experts with a unified security incident response experience; a single pane of glass for all incident response tasks, processes, automation and notes
  • Grant access to standards-based runbook automation, process guidance, human-guided and closed-loop automation
  • Ensure all incident-related activities are captured in a complete investigation record with investigation management and reporting

A Complete Security Incident Response Platform

Automate Diagnostics
Incident Response Dashboard
Contain and Eradicate
Security Incident Response, Orchestration and Automation
Security Incident Response Platform

Accelerate Security Incident Response with Intelligent Incident Response and Orchestration

Customize and implement best-in-class processes with ease, using our line of incident response power tools, including:

  • An investigation interface that logs incidents, cases, status, and artifacts; resulting in one security incident response dashboard
  • Intelligent orchestration of security response with step-by-step instructions, dynamic decision trees and embedded automations
  • Interactive UI providing executive level security incident response dashboard for improved reporting and insight
  • Pre-built, fully customizable standards-based security incident response playbooks (based on NIST SP 800-61 rev2 methodology) with step-by-step instructions, machine-assisted decision support and interactive automations to create a complete investigation and remediation process

Security Incident Response Armed with End-to-End and Human-Guided Automations

Maximize your expert security resources by providing analysts controlled access to critical infrastructure and guided procedures to respond to security incidents with:

  • A complete audit history logging all actions
  • Human-guided automation enabling analysts to leverage smaller agile automations as part of the incident resolution process, to stay in control of critical decision points
  • End-to-End automations available at any point in the process—from detection to investigation and resolution—for instantaneous incident remediation
  • A “No code” automation builder using drag n’ drop functionality, complemented with pre-built automation templates
  • Automation components leveraged as building blocks, reusable and extensible automation
Security Incident Response Platform

Bridge IT and Security Silos with a Unified Resolution Platform

Improve collaboration and cross-functional capabilities by leveraging automations and eliminating interdepartmental requests. This allows security agents to verify and gather critical data directly, within seconds, using:

  • Simple and complex connectors to access Security and IT infrastructure systems—including existing ticketing and case management systems
  • Orchestrate response, investigation, and remediation across multiple enterprise teams
  • Cross-silo controlled access allowing for limited directed user access to devices and systems
  • Embedded chat and feedback functions enabling proactive collaboration and process improvement

Security Incident Response with Enterprise Architecture and Scalability

Resolve’s ease of integration and SIEM integrations allow for organizations to get started quickly and realize value in as little as 30 days through security incident response via:

  • Support for the most complex processes and highest incident/event rates
  • Load-balanced clustering with site-to-site replication
  • Role-based access control and full data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Resolve Platform integration with any system services including RESTful API, SOAP, cURL, and SSH
  • An included Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing partners to easily build their own integrations with Resolve

Accelerate Incident Response and Automation Today.


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