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Empower Level 1 Agents with Automated Incident Response Platform

  • Enable agents to make decisions faster with an enterprise-wide automation and incident response platform for your Service Desk
  • Empower frontline Service Desk agents to diagnose and resolve incidents without the need for escalation to expensive subject matter experts and engineers
  • Help agents be as successful as the subject matter experts with knowledge-based wikis, prescriptive instructions and human-guided automations
  • Readily access a central dashboard, which provides fully integrated automation, process guidance and knowledge system
  • Aptly diagnose and resolve simple to complex incidents
  • Fluidly integrate with existing ticketing systems

A Complete Service Desk Incident Response Platform

Automate Diagnostics
Incident Response Dashboard
Address and Remediate
Security IT Network Service Desk Incident Response
Service Desk Incident Response Platform

One Dashboard for Incident Resolution

The Resolve platform at the center of incident response and resolution ecosystems is the toolbox you can count on to:

  • Easily intake the results of automated tests and diagnostics performed across different layers of the application service
  • Avoid swivel-chair with one central interface for agents to access all applications and windows
  • Color catalogue results of individual diagnostics; making it easier for frontline agents to identify detected issues
  • Guide resolution step-by-step, providing agents with logical next steps, supported by a knowledge-based wiki delivered by subject matter experts
  • Enable level 1 agents to launch safe automations and run diagnostics on a variety of systems directly from the Resolve dashboard without risk of human error, using permission-based access
Service Desk Incident Response Process Guidance

Simplify the Resolution Process with Interactive Process Guidance and Human-Guided Automation

Resolve believes in packaging sophisticated technology simply, so that your Level 1’s feel confident to resolve incidents faster and more efficiently with our:

  • Easy to use navigation directing level 1 agents to the right resolution procedure via a context generated set of question and answers
  • Automated or user-input results that lead the agent to the right next step and ultimately to the complete resolution
  • Automated actions at the level 1’s fingertips such as gathered diagnostic information, updated tickets or the option of automated sent notifications launched from within the manual process
  • Access to partial automations embedded in the manual resolution or executed steps based on prescriptive guidance, provided by Resolve
  • Customizable toggle between automated and manual procedures for pragmatic considerations
Service Desk Incident Response Human Guided Automation

Resolve Power Tools Provide Agents with Automation, Decision Trees and Knowledge Creation

Resolve makes it easy for agents to respond and create new automations, connectors, process guidance and procedures by availing:

  • An easy-to-use GUI-based drag-and-drop designer to build new automations and decision trees
  • A “no code” automation builder, which acting as a wizard-like tool to build new automations without needing to write a single line of code
  • Newly built automations without having to escalate to development teams that are outside of operations
  • A simple wiki editor providing suject matter experts the ability to build response procedures as knowledge. The automations can be seamlessly embedded within these procedures, providing agents with a powerful mix of automations and knowledge seamlessly integrated

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