Course Description

Suitable for system administrators after completing the Fundamentals course, learn how to install and maintain a Resolve installation.

Lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises are used to explore the techniques and processes of Resolve system administration.

At the end of the course, administrators will understand Resolve architecture, the responsibilities of a Resolve system administrator and how to perform system administrator tasks such as security implementation, gateway support, user interface configuration, and troubleshooting.

Course Duration
3 Days
Self-paced eLearinig
Due 2018
$1,500 Individual Attendee
$6,750 Up to 9 Attendees for 1 Client
$1,500 Individual Attendee
$6,750 Up to 9 Attendees for 1 Client

Course Goals

  • Further explore the Resolve Architecture
    • Physical components
    • Logical components
  • Understand the critical responsibilities of those performing Resolve administration
    • Roles
      • System administration
      • Product administration
      • Security
      • Solution support
    • Tools and techniques


  • Overview
    • Physical components that make up Resolve
  • Basic Operations
    • Stop / Start Resolve
    • High Availability Cluster / Failover scenarios
    • Backup / Restore including Elastic Search
    • System administration
  • Solution administration
    • Export / Import
    • Wiki administration
    • Worksheets
  • Security
    • Manage users, roles, and groups in Resolve
    • Configure LDAP and Active Directory remote authentication
    • Configure SSL
  • Installation
    • Install Resolve (stand alone or clustered installations)
    • Reconfigure and understand blueprint concepts
    • Perform upgrades and updates
    • System maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Gateway support
    • Install Resolve gateways
    • Configure Resolve gateways
  • User interface configuration
    • Navigate through Resolve Menu Sets
    • Understand Resolve Catalog concepts
    • Understand Resolve system properties
  • Troubleshooting
    • Logfiles
    • Monitoring
    • Troubleshooting
    • Reporting
    • Resolve support

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