Course Description

Learn how to develop advanced automation solutions for the Resolve platform. Suitable for software developers who have attended Resole Developer Basics plus a minimum of 6 months development experience of Resolve, or those who have a minimum of 1 years independent Resolve development experience.

Lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises are used to explore advanced techniques and processes of Resolve automation development.

At the end of the course, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Resolve platform, advanced Resolve component capabilities, build custom forms and tables, build richer user interfaces and learn how to maintain the performance and reliability of the Resolve platform.

Course Duration
4 Days
Developer Basics
Advance Developer
$2,000 Individual Attendee
$9,000 Up to 9 Attendees for 1 Client
$2,000 Individual Attendee
$9,000 Up to 6 Attendees for 1 Client

Course Goals

  • Provide a more comprehensive understanding of the Resolve platform
  • Increase the depth and breadth of the understanding of ActionTasks, Runbooks and user interfaces
  • Present skills that, once mastered, allow building more advanced Resolve solutions
  • Build richer user interfaces
  • Implement additional options for ActionTasks and Runbooks
  • Cover other components (gateways, custom tables and decision trees)
  • Develop solutions while maintaining performance and reliability across the Resolve system


  • Overview
  • Gateways
    • Configuring
    • Filters and filter scripts
  • Custom Forms and Tables
    • Custom forms reviewed
    • Custom tables
    • Systems scripts
  • Action Tasks
    • Runtime error handling
    • Targets (standalone task)
    • Returning complex results from content
    • Calling an Assessors, Parsers, and Preprocessors
    • Using the Enterprise Service Buss
    • Database processing
    • Integration additional code to Resovle
  • Automation (Runbooks and Decision Trees)
    • Methods to execute Runbooks
    • Connection persistence in a Runbook (SESSIONS)
    • Targets in Runbooks
    • DecisionTrees
    • Using events to create workflows
    • User interactions
  • UI Development
    • Using Multiple Documents
    • UI Builder component
      • ActionTask
      • Automation
      • XTable
      • JavaScript
      • Groovy
      • Code
      • Progress
    • Sharing document sections
    • Menus and Catalogs
    • Scripting
      • Browser-side (JavaScript)
      • Server-side (Groovy and Velocity)
  • Charts
    • Graphs and Charts
      • Adding charts to pages
      • Accessing worksheet data for charts

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