Course Description

Learn how to develop automation solutions for the Resolve platform, suitable for software developers.

Lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises are used to explore the techniques and processes of Resolve automation development.

At the end of the course, developers will understand all aspects of the Resolve architecture, the responsibilities of a Resolve software developer and be able to develop simple, automated solutions in Resolve and understand more complex ones.

Course Duration
4 Days
Developer Basics
Self-paced eLearinig
Due 2018
$2,000 Individual Attendee
$9,000 Up to 9 Attendees for 1 Client
$2,000 Individual Attendee
$9,000 Up to 9 Attendees for 1 Client

Course Goals

  • Expand knowledge of Resolve’s capabilities used to build automation solutions
  • Further educate on the architecture and components of Resolve
  • Promote understanding of the structure of an automated solution using Resolve
  • Provide an understanding of each component of a Resolve solution and how they integrate
  • Work with a live Resolve installation
  • Be able to develop automated solutions in Resolve and understand more complex automation
  • Be able to discuss live Resolve solutions with experienced team members


  • Overview
    • Course introduction
    • Architecture and components of Resolve
    • Modes of automation (human-guided process, automated processes)
    • The Resolve system user interface and navigation
    • Structure and components of a Resolve solution
  • ActionTask development
    • Structure of ActionTasks
    • How to execute them and check results
    • Building basic tasks
    • Adding functionality such as result assessment, data handling, and user presentation
  • Elementary Decision Trees
  • Automation development
    • Elements of an automation model
    • Automated process design considerations
    • Using the editor to create automations
    • Setting Runbook properties (timeout, loop control)
    • Loops in Runbooks
    • Data handling in automations
      • Acquiring data from external sources
      • Passing data internally
    • Conditional execution using preconditions
    • Accessing systems and device external to the Resolve infrastructure
      • Connector (SSH)
      • Using SESSIONS to persist connections
    • Execution paths and merging
    • Abort handling
  • Custom forms
    • Simple forms
    • Using simple forms to initiate automation
  • User interface
    • Creating a page using source editing
    • Using components from the Page Builder
  • Testing and troubleshooting
    • Logging errors and tracing code
      • Using the LOG object
      • Using the DEBUG object
    • Mocking test data

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